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The Deluxe Collection

Why go deluxe?

Because you care about every last superb detail.

Gain access to rare specialty fabrics, sourced from anywhere in the world, just for you. 

Upgrade your Bemberg rayon lining to a legion of eye-catching patterns and colors. 

Select winning buttons made from horn, metal, wood, abalone shell, mother of pearl, and more!

Experience the luxury of a full floating canvas. 

And more!


A wedding date, initials, or your favorite quote. We can add a monogram to any Duchess garment!

Hand-Picked Stitching.

This purely aesthetic feature will tell the world that your suit was constructed with extra time and attention. 


Under-Collar Felt. 

Select a striking color or print of under-collar felt that makes your jacket lapels POP!

Contrast thread. 

Might we suggest a vibrant boutonniere thread or a bright last buttonhole on your cuff?


Functional Cuffs or "Surgeons Cuffs" 

The traditional mark of any deluxe suit, this feature dates back to the surgeons of 19th century London. 

Because you are an aficionado of complex suit styles. 

The less requested of our styles take more time and care to craft for you. From the length of your initial consultation to the extra work our tailors put in, these suits just take extra finesse. But we are here to tell you, they are worth it! Get inspired by our collection of designs below, or bring in some references of your own and our consultants will help you to dream up something totally new!

By the highly custom nature of these suit orders, photos of these exact styles are a bit harder to come by.

For examples of these style details in the wild, please visit our Deluxe Suit Gallery:

 2 Pieces starting from $1,995                                        3 Pieces starting from $2,195