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Classic Gold

Classic Gold

Lavish design and style options for the discerning sartorialist 

The Classic Gold upgrade was devised for the client who wants it all -  a full collection of superb details that transform the humble suit into a unique expression of personal style and taste.  Your starting point will be a full canvas suit made with any fabric and button in our classic tier. 

From there, you can give your imagination free rein. Although most clients find exactly what they are looking for in our traditional suit design options, you may have a different vision in mind. Maybe you were considering patch pockets for your jacket, or a double breasted vest, or side adjusters for your trousers? If you have some ideas for details that are not included in the five Classic suit styles, bring in your inspiration and your consultant will let you know if we can do it. We love collaborating on exciting designs!

Full Inner Design

Select your lining from our full catalog of exciting options, ranging from conservative small scale repeats to bold paisley masterpieces. Our printed linings are stunning and easily one of our clients' favorite elements of the design process. You may also select the fabric used for the piping and the color of the decorative pick stitch used along the facing's edge.

Embroidered monogram

A lovely monogram will be embroidered onto the suiting fabric in your choice of color and font. We have a large selection of beautiful, high quality embroidery thread. Use your initials, a wedding date, or even a favorite saying.

Be creative - we've seen it all!


Contrast Buttonholes

Might we suggest a vibrant boutonniere thread or a bright last buttonhole on your sleeve cuff? Contrast buttonholes are an eye-catching design detail that can work equally well for everything from a casual sportcoat to an elegant contemporary tuxedo. 

Functional Cuff Buttons

Cuffs with functional buttons are sometimes referred to as "surgeon's cuffs" (named for military surgeons who had to unbutton and roll up their coat sleeves to tend to the wounded) and are considered one of the hallmark details of a custom suit. Leave the last one unbuttoned when you're feeling a bit rakish - especially if it is a contrasting color.

Printed Undercollar Felt

Using printed felt for the undercollar is a decidedly modern and whimsical detail. Most of the time you'll be the only one who knows it's there...but on a chilly morning you can pop your collar and demonstrate your panache to passersby. 


Pick Stitching

This is a decorative stitch that is used along the front edges of jackets and vests, as well as on vents and pocket flaps. It feels refined and sophisticated when it matches the color of the suit, but bold and modern when it is done in a contrasting color. You decide what effect you want (and if you don't want any pick stitching, that's all right too).

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