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The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection

Our 5 best selling suit styles made in any fabric from our extensive catalogue.

2 Pieces starting from $1,195                                               3 Pieces starting from $1,395 


The 8 1/2

An exercise in the timeless grace of ubiquitous style, we have here the sveltest 2-button around. Superlatively sexy, The 8 ½ will survive at least another 40 years as a time-tested dashing & debonair suit to be counted on in ANY situation.

Jacket: The jacket is slim, with narrow lapels, buttoning at the navel, with slightly slanted convertible flap pockets and a center back vent. Slim shoulder pads merely following the contours of the body and don’t add any extra bulk.

Vest: While indeed excellent as a 2-piece suit on its own, the 8 1/2 is even better with a vest! The vest adds an additional value and level of versatility that you surely will enjoy. Lower gorge and widely appointed lower tips make this vest a classic.

Trouser: The 8 1/2 trousers are slim and straight to the shoe with minimal break. Usually sitting on the hip, and with large enough belt-loops to accommodate a wider belt. Flat-lying slant pockets, zip fly, and, no pleats with a single back pocket. Classic and sexy.


The Mr. Famous

Mr. Famous is our answer to the call for a slightly more exciting classic 2-button suit. If the 8 1/2 is a little plain for your tastes, try this one! With its extra little details, it functions in your wardrobe as a dependable suit for any occasion.

Jacket: The Mr. Famous jacket has a medium-to-low-buttoning lapel, that is fairly slim. Straight across pockets with an extra ticket pocket on the right give it a solid yet interesting appeal. Slim in profile with un-built, lightly padded shoulders, the cut is sleek and can be form fitting, with side vents in the back.

Vest: The Mr. Famous vest is an excellent stand-alone piece, or complimentary piece to your full suit ensemble. It has an upper left breast pocket, making it an excellent candidate to wear as a “mini-jacket.” . More details: smooth front with single welt pockets, wider “V” hem, and a medium gorge.

Trouser: These trousers are classic and sleek in fit. We gave them a 1960s vibe by adding our jeans-inspired "frog pockets" and and extended closure tab. We typically make these as straight, slim trousers that touch the shoe with no break.



The #9

We know our 8 1/2 is amazing. But perhaps you desire a little something… extra? Like half-a-notch extra? Well, dear sir, the #9 is for you! We peaked the lapel, added a sexy lapelled vest, and cuffed the trousers for an entirely unique and beyond stylish look. There’s nothing quite like a smooth vest peaking out from under that slim-fitting jacket. The #9 vest marries dreamy old-world style with sexy 1960s sophistication.

Jacket: The #9 jacket features a narrow, jauntily peaked lapel, gorge reaching the navel, straight-across understated besom pockets (no flaps), and a back center vent. Slim in profile with un-built, lightly padded shoulders, this jacket’s visual appeal lays in the tension of a sharply pointed lapel and straight pockets.

Vest: Yow!– the #9 vest is a killer! It’s rolled shawl collar nestles quietly yet boldly inside the jackets pointed lapel. Smooth front with single welt pockets and an extra button on the widely-appointed vest tips finish of the unique look.

Trouser: Slim trousers that touch the shoe with no break. All of the classic features of the 8 1/2 trousers, slim go-to goodness, but with a small cuff!


The Stoli

One of our devastatingly chic Mad Men-inspired suits, the Stoli would make Roger Sterling proud..but he would probably never admit it!   A bit less mod than the Carnaby, this 3 button jacket with clover lapel creates a effortless sexiness that comes naturally to a person who can confidently say : “So if you’re trying to see through me, just know that I am this handsome and this rich.”…whether it’s true or not!

Jacket: A slim, fitted silhouette with clover lapel, 3 buttons, narrow shoulder breadth, extra light shoulder padding and straight pockets. Other distinguishing features include a jaunty 2 buttons on each cuff, and a center back vent.

Vest: Medium-High buttoning vest with 6 buttons!  Wow!  Upper AND Lower welt fob pockets (because you’re worth it). Usually made with matching lining back with adjuster, but it is -as always- your call.

Trouser: The Stoli trouser is a lovely and understated one, with straight leg, a simple back pocket, front slash pockets and a tab closure. 


The Moriarty

You’ve found it– your perfect marriage of modern and vintage!  Do you love a nod to the old world, but crave the embrace of a more modern fit?  This stunner of a combo can translate seamlessly across an array of styles–depending on your choices of fabric and fit.  Take your jacket off, and you still look shockingly put-together!  An equally popular choice for weddings as it is for a night out with friends.

Jacket: This jacket is a classic and flattering 2-button design, with slim lapels, with straight convertible flap pockets and a center back vent. Minimal padding ensures a stylish and comfortable drape, following the contours of the body without adding any extra bulk. This is a client favorite for a reason; it always looks effortlessly debonair!

Vest: The Moriarty vest has a bit of flair, but still rests comfortably in the wardrobes of even the most traditional of our suit-wearers!  With slim notched lapels, this vest looks just as dashing in a vest/trouser combo as it does in a full suit.  Perhaps even in a contrast fabric? 

Trouser: These trousers are slim and straight to the shoe, usually with minimal break.  A flat front, slanted pockets, zip fly, and a single back pocket all work together to provide a classic and sexy look.

These styles are intended to be a jumping-off point.

At your first meeting with us, your Duchess consultant will assist you in mixing and matching the details contained in these styles to design a suit that is uniquely yours.

For examples of how our clients have customized these designs, please take a look at our Eventwear Gallery

Looking for suit styles that are a bit more vintage, period inspired, or uncommon?

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