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Custom Shirts

Custom Shirt

There is nothing like having a perfectly fitting shirt to go with your new custom suit!

Duchess offers the finest made custom shirts available. With nearly unlimited options in collar style, cuff style, placket type, pockets, and other details, we will make your favorite shirts every time. Prices start at around $200.

Duchess Fine Custom shirts feature a slim fit in the body, perfect-length sleeves, and fitted yet comfortable neck and cuffs. We do traditional single needle tailoring and bound seams to ensure excellent construction and lasting quality. Additionally, Duchess Fine Custom shirts offer a great selection of button types.

From modern casual to classic dress, and old fashioned detachable collar formal shirts, we offer the best fit, comfort, and price in our custom shirts.

Not sure which shirt is for you? 

Check out our Shirt Style Menu. 

While these are suggestions and ideas, please know that any combination and creation of collar, pocket, cuff and other style details are possible. (Featured above-- The Dewey Shirt.)

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