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Shirt Club

Allowing the dapper individual to gain several custom shirts to taste, with immediacy or over time.

Duchess appreciates that you need several perfectly fitting shirts. The Duchess Shirt Club offers ease and economy in achieving a wider variety of shirts for daily, formal, or casual wear.

5 custom shirts at 10% off
10 custom shirts at 20% off


Pick your choice fabrics and design details, and receive your custom shirts all at once! By 60% deposit or payment in full at ordering.


Plan your shirts now and we send them to you as you like them. A shirt a month, perhaps? We determine a delivery and payment schedule to spread your shirts out over time so you get them just as you need them.

Once enrolled, we get your measurements if we don't have them already, plan your shirts details, choose your fabrics, and then you receive your shirts! You will also receive a special membership card by post.

Duchess Shirt Club is per individual; no joint memberships allowed. For clients who are not able to see us in person and whose measurements we already have, we can work with you via email or mail. Shipping not included in Shirt Club pricing.

To join the club, simply fill out the enrollment form below and we will get the ball rolling! 

Duchess Fine Custom Shirts start at around $200, depending on the fabrics selected. With Shirt Club, you save $20-$40 per shirt! Click here for more general information on Duchess Fine Custom Shirts and see our shirt styles here.

Schedule your shirt club planning consultation in Portland, New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco now.
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