October 04 2011 Tuesday at 06:00 PM

Technique: Employing Shirt & Collar Studs

How To Shirt Studs | Collar StudsEngaging the shirt studs is arguably the most fickle task to master —

• Starting at the topmost stud eyelet, begin by placing the longer end of the stud through the front of the shirt. 

• Pull the spring-loaded end of the stud, allowing the whole of the shaft to pass through the eyelet. 

• Repeat this process with the corresponding rear eyelet until the shaft is securely through the shirt. 

This will undoubtedly require the adept use of the hands, inside and outside of the shirt. Repeat the entire process, downwards, with the remaining two studs.

The collar studs are quite a bit more manageable, and done so with the collarless shirt already on the body. 

• Starting with the rear stud, “open” the clasp and pass it through inside of the shirt, outward, followed by the collar. Promptly “close” the clasp of the stud. 

• The front stud is then engaged — first through the innermost and then the outer “tunic” of the shirt. 

• Following suit, pass the stud through the corresponding, alternating inner and outer layers of the standing collar.

The Minutiæ of Black Tie Etiquette:
Technique: Employing Shirt & Collar Studs
by A. Gustav Bayer