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Technique: Employing a Bow Tie

Tie a Bowtie | How to tie a Bow TieThe shape and size of one’s tie is open to taste, interpretation and facial proportions. The two most common tie shapes are the bat wing and the butterfly. It goes without saying that, with all of the effort invested in protocol hitherto, a self-tying tie is mandatory. 

• Insert the tie through the loop at the nape of the neck

• Place the tie around the neck, situating it insomuch as end “A” is a few inches longer than end “B”

• Adeptly cross end “A” over end “B”

• Bring end “A” up and under the loop

• Double end “B” over itself to create the front loop of the tie

• Loop end “A” over the center of the aforementioned loop

• Keeping the whole in check, double end “A” back upon itself and insert through the loop behind the tie

• Adjust the tie by deftly cajoling the ends, and pull, straightening the center knot

Traditionally, the tie is made of the same grosgrain as the lapel facing and the trouser braid. It is ideal to wear a fitted tie, meaning that the length is not adjustable. Therefore, no buckle is visible. The collar wings are always worn behind the tie.

The Minutiæ of Black Tie Etiquette
Technique: Employing a Bow Tie
by A. Gustav Bayer