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Meet the Newest Team Members

Allow us to introduce Lady Jennifer Faust and Sir Keegan Greenwald, two spectacular individuals with whom we plan to exponentiate our tradition of sartorial excellence! For the full lineup of the entire Duchess dream team, click here.

Lady Faust, Duchess of Introspection, shares her talent with us as an alterations specialist, after several years designing and selling her own line of clothing from CA to BC. After a stint as the co-proprietress of Funkytown Vintage and a seamstress for a local pop-up and design collective, we were lucky to nab her for our own and have no intention of letting her go (except to tour twice yearly with her band). She continues to sell her work online using original designs and vintage patterns, combined with vintage fabrics and notions to create small batches or one-of-a-kind pieces. You can view her Esty shop here.

Sir Keegan, Duke of Fit, made his way into our hearts via Portland Sewing School, where none other than our own Lady Ali was one of his instructors. Having cut his teeth working on quilting machines and reupholstering furniture, he is a virtual jack-of-all-trades, and has quickly made himself indispensable as an alterations assistant and garment inspector. He is also working on his own fashion line.

Nathan and Heather

The best part of the made-to-measure process is to getting to know our supremely talented clients! We first met Nathan and Heather at an Art of Weddings event, and were overjoyed the day we received his inquiry form. Nathan is a yoga instructor who wanted a lightweight suit for his wedding that he could tango, salsa, and swing dance in.


Aside from the adorable tyke in short pants,

one of the most inspirational aspects of this wedding is Heather's gorgeous gown, the centerpiece of the entire slate palette!

Judging from the heat emanating from this photo, we are proud to say that his suit achieved maximum dramatic effect on the dance floor!

Many thanks to Nathan and Heather for entrusting us with their vision, and here's to bumping into you on the dance floor fifty years from now! Beautiful photos by Artistique Photographie -


OK, we're sure all of you Portland people have heard about Little Boxes by now. Well, we're doing it. 

Some of our neighbors like Twill, Rhapsody, and Mirador are also playing and having great deals, so come do your shopping in our neighborhood! You can download a map, learn the rules and how to win prizes here.

Want more incentive?


Friday NOV 23 & Saturday NOV 24 | 10am - 7pm 


Suits, Shirts, Separates, all at greatly discounted prices, including:

Last season's off the rack at 40% off

Samples 50%-80% off

Ties for $35 & Pocket squares for $8

Fine Custom Suit Appointments made in person during Little Boxes are 10% off

Come support local small businesses and do your shopping the right way on Black Friday! 

We will also have some bubbly and small treats for you.


Kori's Awesome Purple Suit!

 Check it out:

Kori got a custom Atticus in bright purple wool silk.

And check out that custom silk lining, aw yeah!

Fall & Winter 2012: The first Duchess Seasonal Inspiration

We are so excited to present to you the first Duchess seasonal inspiration collection. Welcome to Fall & Winter 2012. (And welcome to our new gallery website!)

We teamed up with our favorite photographers and enlisted a couple of stand-out, handsome Portland entrepreneurs as models to bring you our fall and winter collection from the heart of Bull Run Watershed.  Featuring two new custom suits styles (both instant classics, we daresay), the collection also includes ties in bright stripes and professorial tweeds, fine Oxford work shirts, and pieces in classic charcoal, jaunty windowpane and rugged camel herringbone. 

Also—an inspiring small collection of formal ties to dress up any suit for the holidays.

We dragged prominent Portland musician and owner of the Affiche Studio, Mr. Jason Leonard, and sustainable fashion rabble-rouser and owner of PINO Portland, Mr. Crispin Argento, out to the woods at our Lady Seyta’s house to paint our picture of fall from the birthplace of its inspiration. 

These are the perfect fashions for dandy forest spirits and city-inhabitants alike, really. Equally appropriate for charming the wee-folk who live in the mossy glen to wearing to the office, the fall and winter 2012 looks from Duchess are versatile and sophisticated, while maintaining a rugged appeal. 

Our two new suit styles, the High Line and the Bishop are the standouts of the season, presented in natural hues with bold black buttons. Both suits feature unique styling and buttoning details, but are very different in appeal.

The High Line Suit is the look of the understated yet confident renaissance man. Its unique and modern double-breasted vest gives it a nod to the past, while remaining a thoroughly modern look. All put together, the crossover of the vest beneath the multi-buttoned slim lapel remind one of the folds of origami; almost delicate.

Our dapper High Line model, Jason Leonard, is the perfect man to introduce it to the world. Jason contributes widely to the culture of Portland through his music, as well as his small business, and both share the aesthetic delicacies and foundation in a beautiful past that Duchess cherishes and is exemplified in the High Line.

You probably know Jason from playing music with acts such as Loch Lomond, Nick Jaina, Laura Gibson, and Run On Sentence. More on Jason’s music here. But, you might not know that he is also an illustrator, film-maker, animator, and owns a very unique Portland business. 

The Affiche Studio restores and preserves vintage posters ranging from film and travel posters to historical memorabilia and vintage advertising. Jason and his crew mount posters on an archival support, and carefully restore the often very damaged posters to their original beauty. Like Duchess, the Affiche Studio is into preserving some of the beauty of the past by re-presenting it as new to the present. We hope you check them out! We especially like perusing their Before & After section.

On the more rugged side of our fall collection, we’ve got The Bishop. Completely unpadded in the shoulder, full of Western details like pointed flap pockets, topstitched seams, and back yokes, The Bishop is a suit for a pioneer; an innovator. In a greenish camel herringbone Harris tweed with rows of black buttons, this Bishop is a real standout. 

Crispin Argento, our natural choice to model The Bishop, founded and owns locally-produced, handmade men’s accessory label, PINO Portland. Through PINO and spearheading events in the fashion community, Crispin is taking on the mission of uniting Portland’s fashion scene and gathering resources to help it succeed and grow—Together. Last week, Crispin and PINO hosted an evening lecture and dinner with Elizabeth Cline, author of sustainable fashion exploration breakthrough book, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

Named after his grandfather and Italian word for pine tree, Crispin started PINO “as an experiment to better understand the challenges of designing and producing high quality designs, building a brand, and surviving in Portland as a designer. I hope to continue to grow the brand and offer the needed business resources and sales/production channels to advance emerging designers nationally and grow the Portland fashion industry,” he boldly declares. We like that kind of pioneering spirit! We also like PINO’s wonderful handmade pocket rounds and vibrant  raw silk bow ties!

We hope you enjoy our Fall & Winter 2012 Inspiration as we much as we have. It was a blast to design and capture. Special thanks to our favorite photographers Carlin & Jonah of Studio Sundell, who we re-teamed up with for the shoot and hope to never part from again. (Wait until you see our next project in a few weeks....)

Duchess Fall Soirée

Party time!

At Duchess Portland

We'll be releasing our first ever seasonal inspirational line, featuring two new suit styles at Duchess HQ next week. We're opening up the event to all of our friends--client or not. But if you have Duchess attire, wear it!

We will be enjoying the tunes of DJ Gregarious

and a photobooth for snapping pics of you in your Duchess attire, kindly provided by our excellent neighbor

View invite and RSVP here or on our Facebook event page.

Shirt Club is here.

 It's official-- we have a shirt club! And, yes, you get a fancy membership card.

And the first five members will receive an extra shirt for free!

Click the link above for details.

Duchess Family Photo

Look, it's all of us!


Ladies Katie, Ali, Molly, Ariel, Annie, Hannah, Seyta, Garnet, & Gail on a bright June Portland day in front of Duchess HQ.

And we have updated our bios-- don't you want to see what we are all about? Newest ladies Annie & Hannah revealed!

Plus our trusty Lady Gail returns to us after a leave of absence as Duchess Public Relations master--and with the lovely miss Garnet (above)! 

Don't we look so happy? It's because we are.

Neal Stephenson Needs Your Help.

We have been dying to beguile you with pictures of our favorite sci-fi author, Neal Stephenson, in his custom Bartitsu (Victorian street-fighting) suit. 

He just did us the favor of featuring it in this video from his new kickstarter campaign. So now, we can thank him by donating to this worthy cause. Won't you?

Direct link to project.

BeGLiTched! A gay wedding event in Seattle

 Join us June 3rd in Seattle for BeGLiTched!

Shindig Events is putting on a wonderful LBGTQ wedding party! Hosted by the gay hotspot, the Lobby Bar, this event features sweet Northwest vendors who support marriage equality. We'll be there showing off some dapper Duchess fare. Come have a cocktail and check it out!

Lady Seyta's advice for women seeking a custom suit.

Lady Seyta was recently interviewed by Equally Wed Magazine about how to approach custom suiting for women. While it should be noted here that any woman who can access Duchess for this purpose obviously should, Seyta offers some further advice.

Read the full article here.

Aw, dreamy wedding pics from a client.....

Here are some great photos of a sweet recent wedding in Portland, from Julie and Stephen. Stephen, of course, is wearing his Duchess suit. Check out his ultra-slim and dapper custom narrow pin-striped #9! We had a great time working with these lovely folks, and did all the braces for the gents too!

All photos by the talented Alexandra Roberts.

Congratulations, you two!

(You can see the rest of their wedding photos here--they are gorgeous.)

Ooh, yeah.

The awesome pictures are really rolling in today. Check out these smooth shots of Brad in his tight black 8 1/2 with gold buttons!

(psssst--- send us your photos!)

Mad Men inspired suits in time for the new season.

We honestly don't get sick of people coming in and saying in all earnestness, "I want to look like Don Draper." We think it is a excellent idea, in fact.

As AMC's Mad Men returns with a new season later this month (March 25th), we want to highlight this era of style. We know you love Don Draper's suits, but we want to show off some other gems of the era, as well! These specifically Mad Men inspired suit styles feature minute period details such as shorter jacket vents, and straight, rounded bottom-notch lapels.

Let us introduce to The Gladhand, The Stoli, and The What.

More details to come soon!

Duchess in LA the last weekend of April and in NYC in early June!

Would you like to come see us in the City of Angels? Or how about New York?

LA: April 27-29 

Book now!

We'll be meeting clients in this lovely private residence in Echo Park from April 27th through 29th. We can take care of all of your custom tailoring needs!

NYC: June 7-9 

Book now!

Come see us for your new suits in this gorgeous East Village apartment this June!

Getting married, need some ideas?

We will be participating in some interesting events this spring. Here is our Bridal Show Calendar for this season:

Feb. 28, 2012: Rocked! A special boutique show presented at the Nines Hotel in dowtown Portland by Portland Bride & Groom magazine.

March 8, 2012: Luxe Bridal Event At the Tiffany Center in Portland, email us if you would like free tickets!* Their Facebook Page

April 22, 2012: In Seattle, Linked! A small, cool event by the ladies of Crinoline & Tweed. More info to come soon.

*We might have a duel with Men's Warehouse, who will also be attending this event.

Rainbow Suits

It has come to our attention as of late that some people may not know we do amazing suits for the whole rainbow. By that we mean gay men, women, androgynous folks, gender-benders--any and all people who want to wear a suit or other dapper clothing, of any size and shape, and style orientation--we are here for you. And we love it that way!

Do you have a not-so-traditional wedding or commitment ceremony approaching, or just need to look good to go to one?

Here come the brides...

We are sensitive to the fit needs of all body types, including female bodies that want to look masculine in a suit. Whatever. We're into it, we're into YOU, and we will help you look amazing. 


Cort's awesome pinstriped 3-piece Atticus Légèr.

Featured on Offbeat Bride here.

Or want some help getting dandified, in co-ordination with your gent?

Says the lovely G.W. Winborn, pictured above in his caramel velvet Carnaby suit with his green Corduory-clad husband Glenn,

“To have a suit custom made to your exact(ing) style and specifications, with mother of pearl buttons? Be still my dandy heart! Suit jacket monogramming? No flash, please. Working with the lovely Ladies of Duchess is every gay man's dream. We so looked forward to seeing them for our appointments that we invited them to our wedding! When you want set your untraditional ceremony apart, they're the ones to call.”

But if matrimony isn't your thing, you can also do it up right for any occasion. Just ask Stan, drummer of pop sensation Gossip, how it is to have a custom Duchess tux on hand:


See a whole gallery of some of our favorite Duchess Rainbow suits here.

Amazing New Fabrics!

This spring we've got some great new fabrics for you. We will be showcasing them little by little so as to not blow your minds, but here are a few to start!

Gorgeous new bold striped and checked textural shirt fabrics, 100% cotton.

A couple of our new stock of lightweight windowpane suiting wools...

Create a spring story with a pink shirt and brown suit!

Want to come see us to be the first to get into these great new choices--plus see the rest? Fill out our inquiry form now!

Aw, thanks Mercury readers.

 We love you too!

Who else does Portland love? See the feature here.

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